Robeyda and Manuel Wedding Cake

Robeyda Vargas and Manuel Antonio Guevara first met at a mutual friend’s birthday party in June 2010. “After a competitive game of badminton—which I won—we exchanged numbers,” Robeyda remembers. “Our first date was on his birthday, June 17, nearly 12 summers ago.” They dated for eight years, while Manuel went through law school. Then in 2019, he proposed. “On the rainiest day in January, skipping puddles under a shared umbrella, Manuel proposed at the edge of the Hudson River, with the Manhattan skyline in the background,” Robeyda says. “After dinner, we headed home where a surprise engagement party awaited.”

“I went with a textured buttercream cake,» says the bride. «The texture was similar to the walls of the ruins. It was imperfect, nestled amongst flowers, foliage, and candles; it made an effortless statement.”


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